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The Wilson Relative Price Channel

For some time now I have been using a little known tool that has profoundly impacted my trading. It has allowed me to not only predict where the top and bottom is, but have a complete understanding of both the probability of a trade and where price gets unstable.

What if I could show you how you can do the same? How useful would it be for you to know how to increase your profits, reduce your losses and capture maximum price action? This exciting, yet little known tool, is the Wilson Relative Price Channel. 

The creator of this tool, Leon Wilson, carried out extensive testing of most of the popular indicators used in technical analysis. The initial manuscript of his first book was over 900 pages. After extensive testing he found that many indicators have flaws.Ask yourself the question, if indicators are so widely used and if they worked, how is it that the success rate of traders isn't much higher than 10%?

So, Leon went to work and decided to write his own based on the RSI (Relative Strength Index) but made the indicator or tool relative to price. The result is probably the most significant breakthrough is the field of technical analysis in many years. He called this the Relative Price channel. The code was published in the book "Breakthrough Trading" in 2006 and is available today on many software packages.

Unlike any other indicator or tool in the toolbox of technical analysis, this tool give you an understanding about 2 of the most critical things that a trader should be concerned about, Probability and Price Stability.  


Knowing how to use the Wilson relative price Channel will give you a strong understanding on:

  • What patterns to avoid
  • What patterns to trade
  • Where price action becomes unstable at the top of an uptrend
  • Where price action is bottoming out at the bottom of a down trend
  • How to use the price channels as a signal for getting out of a trade
  • How to take trades with the maximum probability of success
  • When to look for the bottom of a market
  • When to get out at the top.
  • The price channels work on indices, commodities, currencies and equities. (Frankly I don't know anyone can trade with out them!)

By learning how to use this tool, you will discover how to reduce your losses, increase your profits and capture the maximum price action.

In our 1-hour video tutorial we delve into how to trade the price channels using this unique indicator. This in depth tutorial is presented by Michael Brooks, who is one of the few people in the world who has truly researched and proven the power of this tool, as well having spent personal time with its creator, Leon Wilson.    

The investment for this 3-hour video tutorial is only $99.00, and if you aren't 100% satisfied that you have learnt how you can use this tool to increase your trading profits, we will refund your entire investment.